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22 Jul 2022
Retreat by the sea,
Running through your pension in front of the telly may have once been the retirement norm, but different possibilities emerge every single day; celebrate the evening of your life in more extraordinary ways with Grupo Esmeralda.

Retirement need no longer imply the end, but rather a beginning. Aided by affordable travel, improved healthcare and a generally more open-minded approach when it comes to lifestyle choices, the world can truly be your oyster.

Retirement Isn’t What It Used to Be - It’s Better

A government study conducted in the UK revealed that almost two-thirds of people over 50 believe that working full time and then stopping altogether is no longer the best retirement living option. Instead, people would rather work more flexible hours on their own terms or split the year’s months into a few for work and a few more for play. The COVID-19 pandemic taught us the benefit of continued stimulation and financial growth while still slowing down to appreciate the finer things in life.

What Are the Sunnier Prospects?

There’s no shortage of research emphasising the benefits of an outdoor lifestyle. After a lifetime in gloomy climates, more and more people are opting to retire somewhere in the sun.

With more affordable flights, online booking systems and the security of knowing what to expect through sites like tripadvisor, settling overseas has become both a viable and more luxurious retirement living option.

 Although some retirees opt to take the cruise ship route to expand their horizons, investing in a foreign property earlier on in life offers several advantages. Regardless of one’s age, buying foreign property is a sensible investment; it’s not only a hard asset but also allows for property diversification and doubles as a perfect retirement plan. Retirees who invest in one of our charming Calpe apartments might complement retirement income with rental income by living half the year on the Mediterranean and the other half at home.

Why Calpe?  

  • Location: Calpe’s ideal geographic positioning means regular visits from friends, family and grandchildren and allows for an easy flight home for the occasional wedding.
  • Safety: Calpe offers a secure environment with very low crime rates.
  • Healthcare: When it comes to retirement living, world class healthcare remains a priority. The World Health Organisation recognises Spain as one of the world’s top healthcare providers
    • Calpe itself contains two hospitals, an abundance of pharmacies and homecare options.
  • Gastronomy: The cuisine alone is reason enough to spend the rest of one’s days in Calpe. Enjoy fresh ingredients from local markets, fresh bread, traditional paella and wash it all down with plenty of cold cerveza.
  • Affordability: Spain has been repeatedly listed as one of the world’s top destinations in which to retire.
    •  According to International Living, Spain is one of the world’s most affordable retirement living havens.
  • Style: Although a handful of European seaside towns have become watering holes for tourists in search of cheap cocktails and roaring nightlife, Costa Blanca offers something more refined. 
    • For those looking for a quieter part of the coast, opt for the Calpe apartments. The region provides luxury golfing, spa and healthcare facilities while retaining Spanish authenticity. 
    • It’s a place to take in the staggeringly beautiful coastline, improve your handicap and indulge in wine and tapas at side-street cafes while people-watching.