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20 Jan 2021
Retirement, or the golden years. It’s a time to reflect on the past and look ahead to what’s possible in the future. At the same time, it can understandably be nerve-wracking stemming from the uncertainty that often leads to feelings of anxiety.

Above all, retirement is exciting as it’s a time for you to explore things and places you couldn’t before for lack of time or money. You can even take this opportunity to start a new journey and take on new projects. While many people see retirement as an end, it’s a beginning. 
Retirement is also the perfect time for you to leave dreary British weather behind and start a new chapter with a home in the sun. Spain is naturally a popular spot for dreamy retirement properties for sale along the coast, with Calpe along the Costa Blanca being one of the best destinations of all. Why are retirement properties for sale in Calpe a smart choice for your next home? Here are all the reasons. 



Why you should choose properties for sale in Calpe, Spain for your retirement


The climate

Spain is known for having one of the warmest climates in Europe, with the Costa Blanca boasting an exceptionally mild climate all year round. The gorgeous coastal weather makes property for sale in Calpe, Costa Blanca quite literally “hot property” for those looking to enjoy retirement in the sun. Another perk of being in Spain is that the climate in the north of Spain and the mountains offer you wonderful weekend or mini-break options when you want a brief respite from the heat. 


retirement properties for sale calpe beachfront promenade


The unbelievable area

If you love the sea, are a homebody, a nature-lover, someone who enjoys long walks on the beach or perhaps someone who loves the simple pleasure of a delicious meal paired with exquisite wines, property for sale in Calpe, Costa Blanca is perfect for you. This quaint coastal town boasts fantastic restaurants, bird-watching opportunities, hikes, cycling trails, watersports, gorgeous beaches and of course beautiful property for sale for you to find the perfect space to build your home. All of this makes Calpe a great place to live out your golden years, whatever type of person you may be.

Its proximity to the UK

Another one of the very best things about the property for sale in Calpe, Spain is that it’s easily accessible. If you’re seeking to relocate, Britain is only a two-hour flight away from Alicante’s airport, less than an hour away from Calpe by car. It also lets your relatives back home easily pop over for a summer holiday seaside in the sunshine. Its location near Alicante airport also makes it easy for you to catch direct flights to many major European cities, making you want to travel more with exceptional ease. 

The public transport network

Another fantastic benefit about looking at retirement properties for sale in Calpe is its excellent public transportation network that lets you seamlessly get around town and nearby areas. If you’re interested in having a car, bringing vehicles from the UK can be quite expensive. The more cost-effective option would be to purchase one in Spain.


property for sale in costa blanca public transport


The wonderful ex-pat community

While there are loads of benefits stemming from moving to a new country, like immersive cultural experiences, unique food and traditional music, it’s also nice to have some of the comforts of home. An incredible thing coming with buying a retirement property for sale in Calpe is the established British ex-pat community. How does this benefit you? You’ll access fantastic British supermarkets, restaurants and pubs catering to a clientele from the UK, along with a great group of people for you to befriend. Having people from the same place sometimes makes it easier for you to take the leap and move to a new country.

Affordable retirement properties in Calpe

The 2008 financial crisis caused Spanish property prices to crash, causing much of the market’s available property to be remarkably well-priced. With projections saying the pound-euro exchange rate will perform well in 2021, even with impacts from the pandemic and Brexit yet to be seen, properties for sale in Spain would have only seen marginal price increases. Still, you should keep in mind that coastal properties will always remain popular, and you’ll see that reflected in prices. The two critical aspects of a prime property are sweeping ocean views and proximity to the beach, so consider that as you look at the available options. 


Interested in property for sale in Calpe, Costa Blanca for your retirement?

Would you like to know more about Calpe and the retirement properties for sale in this coastal town? Get in touch with us and look at our Calpe property portfolio for sale that will leave you impressed with the available inventory. 

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