Apartments in Calpe: pros and cons

8 Sep 2015
You can picture it already: you and your partner hand-in-hand, strolling along the white shores of the Costa Blanca before moseying up to your apartment.

You slide open the huge glass doors and with icy drinks in hand sit back to watch the sky turning pink over the ocean. So perhaps you’ve been toying with the idea of investing in one of the gorgeous apartments in Calpe for a while now, but like any investment, a major purchase requires careful consideration and weighing up the pros and cons is an essential part of the process. To ease the load we’ve done the legwork for you...



  • It’s a perfect excuse for a holiday. If you’re paying the rates, no point in letting the place sit empty!

  • But when you’re not using it, earn great rental income in a popular tourist destination. The best real estate dealers in the market will not only find the property that’s right for you but also pair you up with their own rental agency who’ll be sure to get you prime rentals rates all year round.

  • Create a hub for your extended family to congregate at a set time of the year, providing an invaluable place to spend quality time together and to make long-lasting memories. Calpe offers a fortune of opportunities for family fun - from hiking to the peak of the famous Peñon de Ifach to sailing, windsurfing, or hitting the greens for a family four-ball.

  • It’s a great place to keep active and stimulate your sense of adventure. With a thriving cosmopolitan social scene, you’ll be sure to meet new friends who will keep you happily out and about.  

  • The weather is unbeatable. With over 2,800 hours of sunshine per year, say goodbye to grey skies.
    Apartments in Calpe pros and cons

  • It’s easily accessible: Being a quick two-and-half-hour flight from London to nearby Alicante airport, you can be in Calpe in next to no time.

  • The surroundings are breathtaking and the atmosphere is laid-back. With three blue-flagged beaches and a charming town to explore, your overall perception of the world is sure to improve by leaps and bounds.  

  • With local butchers, bakers, greengrocers, pharmacists and a delightful harbour-based fish auction nearby, shopping chores can become a pleasure.

  • Apartments in Calpe are well-suited to modern-life. You can lock up and go without having to worry about maintenance or security issues.

  • Ultimately it’s just a smart investment. According to Jim Mellon (sometimes referred to as Britain’s Warren Buffett) in a Telegraph article it’s the ideal time for Britons to buy European property. With the strong pound and excellent deals available, investing in apartments in Calpe is a sensible financial choice.

  • It’s a fine addition to your property portfolio, leaving you with greater options to pass on a substantial inheritance to your loved ones.



  • Once you’ve experienced the laidback lifestyle and superb weather of the Spanish coast you’re likely to find it difficult to leave.

  • Although Calpe is famously cosmopolitan, with some figures estimating that almost half of the population is non-Spanish, if you’re a stalwart Englishman or woman you may find your language tainted by the cool Spanish lingo and your eating habits influenced by the flavours of the Mediterranean.

  • If you’re a snow lover and have you heart set on spending your leisure days skiing down the slopes, Calpe is probably not for you. Costa Blanca is largely a sunshine state.

  • When it comes to finding the right Calpe apartments for sale and a local agent to work with, you might feel overwhelmed by where to look.

With trusted professionals of the real estate market working in the region, you can be sure to find a property expert to help you find the best Calpe apartments for sale currently available. Grupo Esmeralda boasts the largest property portfolio in Calpe and with over 35 years of experience behind them, you know you’re dealing with the best in the business. For more information about the property prospects of apartments in Calpe, get in touch with Grupo Esmeralda.

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