Why Spain is a Popular Retirement Destination

23 May 2017
Retreat by the sea,
Every year more and more Britons decide to retire in Spain. For many retirees, Spain allows them to fulfil their dreams of living a laid-back and safe life in a place with friendly weather. Rivalled only by France, Spain is now the most popular retirement destination for those looking to enjoy their golden years abroad.

Below are the five main reasons Britons are purchasing their piece of sunny southern Europe:


The Sublime Landscape

Depending on your personal preference, you could live in a villa in a sun-soaked olive grove surrounded by vineyards, in the heart of a historic city, or on the golden landscape of the Spain’s Iberian coastline. Spain’s beautiful Mediterranean landscape and climate are major attractions to Britons who want to escape the dreary weather and live a high quality of life.


The Easy-Going Culture

In the early afternoon when the temperature increases, Spaniards take time out and enjoy their afternoon siestas. This is generally after lunch, which tends to be the biggest meal. Dinner is traditionally lighter and eaten only after 8. Consequently, the average Spaniard is a night owl and goes to bed late at night and certainly won’t wake up at the crack of dawn. Overall, the pace of life in Spain is slower and well-suited to the temperament of retirement.



The Fun Recreational & Rich Cultural Activities

Spain is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise with incredible skiing, cycling and hiking on offer. There’s no excuse not to be in top physical health. The coastline is dotted with great golf courses, and there’s also plenty of nature walks and bird watching to do.


Like the UK, Spain also has many heritage and cultural sites to explore. From the Sagrada Familia Roman Catholic Church to the Alhambra Palace to Buen Retiro Park, there are thousands of museums, palaces and heritage sites to visit.


The Excellent Public Amenities

Most Spanish cities have excellent public transport that by European standards are quite cheap. Taxis are convenient and affordable, the national train system reaches the most significant destinations and budget airlines can get you from destination A to B in half the time.


On the health side, medical professionals are efficient, professional, and well educated, and many hospitals employ English speakers or offer interpreters. Public hospitals are well-equipped, and for those who prefer private health care, there are hundreds of clinics and hospitals to choose from across the country.


The Favourable Exchange Rate

While the exchange rate does fluctuate, the powerful pound typically ensures your retirement funds go further in the UK than they would in most other European countries. You can always speak to your financial advisor about how best to tackle the tax implications and manage your money abroad.


For many, the financial, physical and social benefits of retiring in Spain ultimately outweigh staying in the UK. If life on the Spanish coast appeals to you, then be sure to see our property for sale in Calpe which boasts a fine mix of old Valencian culture and contemporary city amenities.

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