Why branding is one of the most important pieces of your real estate marketing

14 Feb 2017
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What does branding mean for you? Is it a pretty picture and a catchy tagline? Is it the colours or the font you use for the logo? What you think a brand is, and what you think of your brand is paramount. Why? I’ll put it simply; branding is one of the most important pieces of your real estate.

Truth. It’s one of the first things a customer or client will notice about you. So what is a brand exactly? A brand symbolises a particular product or service created or offered by a company under a certain name which is often associated with an image or a logo. But why is it crucial when it comes to real estate marketing? Well here are the top three reasons:


‘Branding’ is more than just your logo, your website or the copy on it


When it comes to real estate marketing, having a strong brand is so vital because it transcends what is on your website. Your brand speaks volumes about what you stand for, what you bring to the market and what your mission is. It tells a story and highlights how you are different from your competitors – your brand needs to highlight your unique selling points. So ask yourself some questions revolving around your brand such as; Does my brand convey our values? Is my mission clear? What is my brand promising? Think about these questions, and ensure that the answers are what you want them to be.




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Good brands are all about trust


One of the most important parts of branding and real estate marketing is trust. You want to build a solid brand that makes promises it keeps by delivering on those promises. This helps you to build trust with your clients, which in turn leads to business. Trust, especially in real estate marketing is golden.


Buying a property for most people is a huge decision and potentially involves more money than they will ever spend again on a single purchase, so you really want people to trust you in order to give you their business. So, does your brand instil a sense of trust? And if not, or if you aren’t sure, what can you change to ensure that it does? Make sure your content is aimed at carefully thought out (and researched) personas, and that your messaging across all the channels you are on is consistent. Lack of transparency and consistency can lead to your clients not trusting you.


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Successful branding is often more powerful than words


Some brands are so powerful in the world that people intrinsically know what they stand for. Apple, Hoover,  Coca-Cola, Porsche – they don’t need much explaining because we already know. Why? Because they have gotten their branding so right, that it needs no actual explaining. It’s a competitive industry so what can you do with your real estate marketing to ensure that your company, and brand, stands out? Think out of the box and do something different with your brand, and make sure that you communicated it consistently and clearly. And make sure that how people view your brand, is how you want them to.


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