Smarketing: The Key to Improving Your Real Estate Marketing

11 May 2017
Real Estate,
In this constantly evolving industry, it’s paramount to utilise the latest innovations and trends to remain competitive. This is especially true when it comes to real estate marketing. Technology has changed the psychology of buying, and so many sales and marketing experts are vexed with the problem of finding out how to combat the immunity modern buyers have against traditional, interruptive marketing tactics.

The secret to converting online leads into sales is to integrate the sales and marketing processes of your business, which is known as Smarketing. The objective is to promote your product to potential buyers and at the same time integrate your real estate marketing process with your sales department’s activities. Let’s take a look at how this works on a practical level:


Use Marketing Automation Tools

Your real estate marketing strategy is largely responsible for guiding leads down the path to purchase. If you want to have an innovative marketing strategy, you need to use lead nurturing programmes and marketing automation technology.


Smarketing adopts an inbound marketing strategy that targets potential clients online. After thorough research and drawing up buyer personas based on your various target markets, you can automate the distribution of tailor-made content that appeals directly to potential clients.



By integrating marketing automation tools with a customer relationship management system (CRM), you can identify and trace your different client’s preferences and make sure the correct content is sent to them. This ensures you’re in a better position to make yourself a sale.


In essence, your real estate marketing strategy is reversing traditional marketing strategy. Instead of relying on sign boards or newspapers which target everyone, you’re categorising different groups of buyers and sending them personalised advertising content that appeals to their specific housing needs.


Integrating Your Marketing and Sales Teams

The role of sales has evolved. Modern property buyers use the internet to source information before they make purchase decisions. They’re usually well-informed by the time they approach your agency, so traditional sales techniques like smooth talking them during a cold call, won’t work.


With Smarketing, marketing and sales work hand-in-hand. As soon as a lead engages in an online behaviour that indicates they’re ready to speak to an agent or make a purchase, their information is transferred from your marketing automation to your CRM system. This allows your salesperson to pick up the phone and get in touch with the qualified, ready-to-buy lead, armed with an enormous amount of data on the lead’s preference and engagement strategy.


Integrating an automated marketing system with a customer management system, allows only qualified leads to reach sales. These systems enable you to target clients efficiently and creates a smooth buying experience associated with your brand which leads to online and word of mouth promotion.


With a streamlined Smarketing process you have the capability to have an international property portfolio and further impress your clients. Be sure to take a look at our beautiful Spanish property for sale in Calpe and see how easy it is to market it to a variety of potential buyers.

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