Property for sale in Calpe: Why you should retire here

29 Oct 2015
At a certain point in life, where after having worked hard to invest, build a career and raise a family, there’s finally time to think about yourself.

Retirement is that time in life when you can cash in on all your hard work and enjoy the best lifestyle pursuits you may have had to put on hold previously. It’s time to consider quality of life, socialising with friends and family, and stimulating ways in which to keep your body and mind active.

If you’ve spent a lot of your life working an office job in a city, you most likely yearn to get outdoors, enjoy a warm climate and get active. If you’ve been thinking about it for a while, odds are you’ve been perusing the market for a little something in Spain. And if you’ve done your homework you might already realise that now is the perfect time to invest in property for sale in Calpe. If not, here’s why you should be:


Property for sale in Calpe attracts a cosmopolitan mix of people

Remains from as far back as the Bronze Age testify to the fact that people have always loved living in Calpe. It’s been home to the Romans, the Christians and the Moors and now plays host to a large expat community who have snapped up excellent value property for sale in Calpe. The fishing village offers a wonderful blend of historic Spanish charm and modern facilities, including an excellent selection of pavement cafes and bars.


You can work on your handicap

The Ifach golf course is a great place to improve your handicap. The nine hole course was designed by Javier Arana, a famous local course designer and offers fantastic views and an almost constant sea breeze.

 Property for sale in Calpe Why you should retire here


It’s a nature lover's paradise

If the variety of blue flag beaches aren’t reason enough to consider property for sale in Calpe, then the abundance of bird and animal life in the Parque Natural del Peñón de Ifach should be. The rock de Ifach is a famous attraction in Calpe and nature lovers can hike to the top of the rock to enjoy views of the mainland (on a clear day you can see as far as Ibiza). The rock is a nesting site for colonies of seabirds and flamingos can be seen in the saltwater lagoon. There are also 300 species of animals that call the park home.


There’s so much more to see and do

The year-round warm Mediterranean climate means you’ll be spending plenty of time outdoors, which is just as well because there’s plenty more to see and do. There’s a local nautical club for yachting, windsurfing and boating enthusiasts; scenic cycling routes and a number of interesting museums to explore. The town centre is great for shopping and there’s a vibrant fresh produce market every Saturday.

If all this isn’t  enough to get you googling “Calpe property for sale” then Grupo Esmeralda’s fine selection of properties will certainly convince you. For more information about the advantages of working with us and for more information on Calpe property for sale, contact Grupo Esmeralda, leaders in the Calpe property market.

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