Investing in property that lasts a lifetime

12 Jan 2016
According to an article asking what men worry about most, ‘With protector/provider ingrained in their DNA, men believe it’s their primal job to be strong.

If outside influences upset a man’s strength or ability to provide and protect, the man may experience angst, stress and a desperate desire to regain control.” If this sounds like you, a dad with a family under his wing, chances are you spend a great deal of time thinking about their well-being. Not only now but also in the future. It’s at the back of your mind when you make each and every decision, and nowhere more than when choosing personal investments.


So how does investing in property weigh up in the scheme of sensible things? Is a property investment likely to threaten your family’s financial well-being or simply turn you into an even stronger pack? For those based in the UK, you already know that sterling is on your side when considering investing in property abroad, nevertheless, we take a closer look to see if property is really the best long-term investment decision you can make.


It’s about making a financially sound decision

One of the most appealing aspects of the decision is the fact that ‘real estate investment is simply the purchase of a future income stream.’ This is according to prime sources in the investment field. On top of that, the article points out, the following benefits of investing in property:

  • ’Competitive risk-adjusted returns.’

  • ‘High tangible asset value.’

  • ‘Attractive and stable income return.’

  • ‘Portfolio Diversification.’

  • ‘Inflation Hedging.’


Choose property where you can earn rental income

Quite obviously, not all properties are created equal. Even if you’re purchasing a property to use as a holiday home or an eventual retirement investment, you want to have the option of renting it out to earn extra income. Bearing this in mind, a popular tourist destination or high-density urban area should be at the top of your options list. You might have a romantic penchant for an isolated enclave in outer Mongolia but if it’s not drawing in the crowds, it’s potential to earn rental income will stagnate at a steady growth of nill. If you’re not sure of the rental demand in the area of your potential property, contact local experts and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the popularity of the location seasonal or is the weather favourable all-year round?

  • Is it easily accessible to tourists?

  • What is the natural appeal of the environment? Is it scenic? Are there beaches, restaurants and bars available?

  • Is the infrastructure of the region well-established?

  • Are there reliable local agents available for you to work with?

 Investing in property that lasts a lifetime


Choose an investment that enhances you and your family’s quality of life

Investing in property to use as a holiday home is undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts you could give your family. Far more than bricks and mortar, a family holiday home becomes a memory bank filled with holidays, good meals, astonishing sunsets and laid-back laughing days that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Investing in property in Calpe, for instance, is a safe way to mix business with pleasure. Although a clear sound financial investment, you’ll also continue to reap the lifestyle rewards of your family’s home in the sun.


To find out more about investing in property in the Costa Blanca region, get in touch with us about our portfolio of quality property in Calpe to suit a wide spectrum of individual needs and desires.

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