How to Go About Building & Marketing Your Spanish Property Portfolio

17 May 2017
With current local and global political developments, investors are returning to hard assets like real estate because their rental yields often outperform unstable stocks and shares markets. For real estate agents, purchasing and selling property abroad can be a complicated process, but with the right knowledge and processes in place, it’s possible to turn it into a fruitful undertaking.

When it comes to creating and marketing your Spanish property portfolio, there are four main aspects to consider. They include; understanding the state of the foreign market, knowing how to market the Spanish lifestyle and teaming up with local experts. Let’s take a look at each in more detail:


Understanding the Current State of the Spanish Property Market

After the property boom of 1998 to 2005, prices rose impressively in a short amount of time, which led to an unrealistic oversupply of homes flooding the market. Consequently, when the global financial crises of 2008 jilted the world, Spain was hit hard and the property sector suffered immensely, which made many recoil at the thought of owning Mediterranean real estate.


Now the Spanish economy is reeling, but to convince sceptical buyers you need to market the fact that Spanish tourism is on the rise, the pound presents massive buying power, and the growth rate of residential investments is increasing. The greater your knowledge is, the more information you’ll have to use in your sales toolbox.



Keeping Tabs on Property Developments

Deciding which types of properties best suit your clients to understanding the legal and tax requirements is a substantial task that can take months to wrap your head around. We’d advise finding a suitable Spanish property expert to partner up to aid you in this process. A Spanish estate agent will be able to give you inside information about different areas that developers might be reluctant to share.


Perfecting Your Sales Pitch

Fortunately, Spain’s laid-back lifestyle is popular with Brits who enjoy a high quality of life at an affordable price. Spain’s infrastructure is robust, it’s close to the UK so travelling back and forth isn’t an issue, it has a warm climate which promotes outdoor activities, and its real estate meets the requirements of an array of different investors. To sell the Spanish dream to your clients in a way that supersedes generic advertisements found on Google, you’ll need to do specific research on the regions you’re marketing.


Improving Your Marketing Strategy

There are two parts to rejuvenating your marketing strategy. 1) You need to identify your different target markets. 2) You need to re-strategize your online presence. The typical UK buyer is either a family man/woman or a retiree or an adventure/investment seeker. To market your Spanish properties, you must research and understand what each of their real estate needs are.


At the same time, you also want to create a responsive online website that helps to convert leads into sales. This includes search engine optimisation, inbound marketing, automated marketing systems, and getting yourself listed on Europe’s best search engines.


Using online resources, visiting your chosen areas, meeting with local property experts, and improving your online presence are the main ways you can improve your marketing and build your Spanish property portfolio. For detailed information on each of these aspects, you should download our ebook, Building and Marketing your Spanish Property Portfolio. Furthermore, you can get started on building your foreign property portfolio right away by viewing our properties and villas for sale in Calpe along Spain’s sunny coastline.


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