Estate agent marketing in the digital age

4 Oct 2016
If you were to google ‘real estate agency’ for your area, how many search results pop up on Google? Chances are, it’s a pretty frightening number, isn’t it?

At this stage, I don’t feel like I need to get into how competitive the industry is – I think you get the point. In this day and age, you don’t only need to be on-trend when it comes to estate agent marketing, you need to be blazing the trail if you want to get noticed. These days a great, mobile-friendly website with outstanding content and high-quality professional photos  is expected, not special. You need to make the ever changing digital landscape work in your favour. But how? Here are some ideas for estate agent marketing in the digital age:


estate agent marketing


  • Ensure a strong online presence – we shouldn't need to say this, but just in case you don't know, the days of estate agent marketing where pamphlets are jammed into people’s post boxes and pamphlets handed out at traffic lights which just land up being litter are long gone. There are still some agencies who don’t seem to know this. Seriously – with the move towards more environmentally-conscious practices and the growth of the digital age, these are totally pointless and wasteful.


Think of the trees for goodness sake. You really need to ensure that your presence online is strong because that's the direction everything is going. Online and paperless. But what does that actually mean? As we mentioned above it certainly starts with an incredible, up-to-date, mobile-optimised website with gorgeous and professional images and high-quality content. This is probably a good time to check if your website ticks those boxes, if it does, then read on.


  • Create a blog – if you want your real estate agent marketing to not only help you make sales but to put you in a category of your own, as a thought leader, then you need to look into having a relevant and up-to-date blog. Regular posts should be made that appeal to your target market and even help them solve problems they may have. Traditional marketing (the good ol’ pamphlets and flyers we spoke about) is on its way out so you should look at implementing inbound marketing strategies if you haven’t already.


  • Make use of video – While also not a new real estate agent marketing concept, the reality is that you really want to put video on your website. It gives your potential clients the opportunity to have a ‘bigger picture’ of the properties on offer or even to gain a little more insight into you or your company.  These don’t have to be boring, stock standard videos, try come up with ingenious ideas for the content on your videos. You can make them informative, creative, beautiful, funny or even a combination of these elements. Find out how to make a real estate video that may just go viral.


  • Make use of innovative tech – augmented reality, drones, virtual reality, a massive array of apps – these are all wonderful and innovative things to use for you to ensure that your real estate agent marketing stands out.


  • Create conversion assets – you really want to do what you can to convert visitors to leads. One of the best ways is to create incredible content that your target market is bound to want, and use pages or forms so that you can acquire information and nurture leads.


  • Be visible on multiple social media platforms – you want to make sure that you have maximum visibility when it comes to estate agent marketing and on social media, it’s relatively simple and free (unless you have hired a specifically trained person to handle your social media accounts). This is important not only for the visibility and reach it gives you, but the credibility and trust you gain from it too.


estate agent marketing

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Remember, that whichever tactics you implement, you really want to remain consistent. If you start posting two blog posts a week, keep to that. You also want to keep the quality of your content consistent, and where necessary, hire the professionals. This will land up being an investment in the future.


Looking for an example of an incredible company that is already getting so much of this right? Then pop over to Grupo Esmeralda's website. Here you will find some enticing property in Calpe, Spain, perfect to add to your property portfolio – just another thing that will help you to stand out from your competitors.

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