15 Fascinating facts about Spanish culture

5 May 2016
Spanish culture is one of the oldest and richest on the globe and is encapsulated by words such as ‘exciting’, ‘vibrant’ and ‘eclectic’ — apt for a country with an energy so infectious. The moment you step off the plane, be prepared to be swept up by this country’s almost tangibly vibrant, yet meaningful, atmosphere.

Deepen your understanding of this phenomenal country, which is as rich as it is diverse, through these 15 fascinating facts about Spanish culture:

  1. The Spanish culture is epitomized in their multifaceted fiestas that take place throughout the year, some of the top festivals being: The Cadiz Carnival, San Fermín (the running of the bulls) in Pamplona, Tomatina (the tomato festival) in Buñol and Fallas (St. Joseph's Day) in Valencia.

  2. Spain is technically eight countries all rolled into one. The original countries went by the names of Asturias, León, Galicia, Castilla, Navarra, Aragón, Cataluña and Basque Country — which explains why the country is quite divided and why it has such a diverse Spanish culture. To complicate matters further, it’s also had a number of different names: Iberia, Hesperia, Ispania, Hispania,  España — a refined sounding name that has been speculated to mean ‘land of the rabbits’!

  3. Around 60 million people visit Spain every year, making it the second most popular destination in Europe and the third most popular in the entire world.

  4. According to this article “Spanish culture greatly influenced modern art from the late 1800's, with artists like Antoni Gaudí (Art Nouveau), Pablo Picasso (expressionism, cubism, surrealism), Joan Miró (surrealism), or Salvador Dalí (surrealism).”


  5. Spaniards are very expressive, affectionate people, and greet each other with a kiss on each cheek (warning: don’t do this for business meetings or people you have never met before, it could be very awkward).

  6. People often associate Spain and Spanish culture with bullfighting, but in reality, most Spaniards today do not believe in it or support it. In fact, bullfighting has been banned in the Canaries and Catalonia.

  7. People in Spain often throw things, such as serviettes, on the floor in bars, and according to Spanish culture, this is totally acceptable. While many people may think the bar is dirty or rundown, most of the time it’s actually a sign that the bar is a good and popular one.

  8. Lunch in Spain tends to be around 14:00 to 16:30, and dinner will start at around 21:00. Long lazy meals are typical of the Spanish lifestyle.

  9. Euskera is considered one of the oldest languages in the world and is spoken by the Basque people in Northern Spain.

  10. Food is an integral part of Spanish culture, which is why they pride themselves in being the biggest producers of olive oil in the world and one of the biggest producers of saffron.


  11. Spanish culture dictates a relaxed approach to time. Lunches, dinners and partying all happens later than in many other places in Europe.

  12. The Spaniards love their beer almost as much as they do their food – making beer-drinking another big part of the Spanish culture. When in Spain, we recommend sampling at least one Mahou-San Miguel, the top beer in the country.

  13. Spanish culture, food and architecture is so unique because of its influences from Spain’s past conquerors, such as the Moors who conquered a large portion of Spain for over 750 years.

  14. The importance of family plays a big role in Spanish culture and a good quality of life is hugely valued. They make the most of their ample public holidays and siestas over lunch.

  15. Flamenco is a characteristic element of Spanish culture, but what most people don’t know is that it is not only a type of dance, but as this article states, it’s “...an art form that includes guitar, singing, dancing and 'palmas' (handclaps).” It’s certainly nothing short of mesmerizing.

With all these incredible facts about Spain, it’s not surprising that people never want to leave. For a taste of the very best that Spain has to offer head to Calpe where you can choose a glorious property in the sun — the perfect place to enjoy the Spanish culture and lifestyle. Contact us for more information and to have a look at our portfolio of property in Calpe.

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