Five educational family holidays abroad

15 Dec 2015
Family holidays abroad are about far more than just fun.

Sure, the memories you and your family make together will be reminisced over at the dinner table for years to come, and those occasional hilarious travel disasters will provide entertaining fodder for your memoirs, but family holidays abroad can also play an important role in your child’s education. By selecting a destination rich in cultural heritage, history or a natural environment crammed with fauna, flora and sea life to discover, a simple trip away becomes the most effective classroom in the world. We take a look at some excellent options for family holidays abroad where learning happens alongside the fun.

  1. Guided tours: There’s no better way to really understand a place than through the eyes of a local expert. From strolling through the pyramids of Egypt with an historian, to being led through the passages of the Musee d’Orsay with an Impressionist scholar, or snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef with a marine biologist, knowledge will only serve to deepen your children’s appreciation of the planet and its rich history. For an even better educational experience, why not consult your children’s school curriculum in advance and plan your trips accordingly.

  2. Safari tours: Take a walk on the wildside and while you’re at it provide the perfect learning platform for your kids.. Safari trips in countries like Kenya, Botswana or South Africa offer children (and adults too) the chance to observe animals in their natural habitat, track spoor, see the circle of life in motion and learn how each element of nature is as important as the other.

  3. Camping adventures: The life skills gained on camping trips teach kids to be prepared, to navigate, orientate, forage and work together. On top of that, travel experiences that immerse your kids in nature help them to form a greater appreciation of the planet so they can develop an emotional understanding of why it’s essential to look after it.

    Five educational family holidays abroad

  4. Exploring jaunts: Kids are natural explorers. And so, travel is made for them. Harness their problem solving skills and nurture their adventurous spirits by opting for a hike through the Inca trail or to the lost city of Petra à la Indiana Jones.

  5. Lessons from the beach: A trip to family-friendly beach destinations offers a host of lessons we too easily take for granted. It’s because of beach holidays that kids learn to swim, where they learn to sail, surf and generally improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being in the fresh open air. In beach destinations such as Calpe in Spain, there are numerous lessons to be learned. From learning about the flavours of Spanish cuisine, to discovering the town’s remains of Iberian tribes or visiting the local Museum of Archaeology, the town is rich in cultural, historical and environmental knowledge waiting to be unearthed. Best of all, Calpe is a good reminder that you don’t have to travel far for educational family holidays abroad.

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