All about Spain: Top festivals

7 Jul 2016
The Spanish are famous for many things — glorious fresh Mediterranean food, football, incredible art, architecture, siestas and, of course, their unique and exciting fiestas, which pretty much take place year-round.

One thing is for sure, the Spanish know how to have a good time,  and with spending quality time with their friends and family being a priority, they live life to its fullest — something we could all learn to do a bit better. So if you are looking for insight into Spanish lifestyle and for information all about Spain, particularly their festivals, you have come to the right place! Here’s a succinct list of the top Spanish festivals, some of which are definitely lesser known:


Three Kings Day

This fun-filled festival takes place in January (normally around the 5th to 6th) throughout Spain, but the really impressive processions take place in the major cities. If you are looking to know all about Spain, than this is certainly an important festival to familiarise yourself with. Gifts are not typically given on Christmas, but instead on this day every year, where the Three Kings bring children their gifts when they visit them at night. But before they do so, the kings partake in an incredible and lively procession where they hand confectionary out to the children. The procession itself (called Cabalgata de Reyes) takes place the night of the 5th, where the actual Three Kings Day (Dia de Los Reyes) is on the 6th.


Las Fallas Festival

This festival took place this year in Valencia between March 15th and 19th. In this unique festival, high-tech (and huge) sculptures in the form of modern icons or traditional figures are scattered around the city to be admired before they are set alight on the last night of the festival. Bonfires go up around the city and a massive party ensues which makes for an extraordinary experience.



Moors and Christians Festivals

As Spain moves into summer the Spanish celebrate quite an interesting festival: La Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos — celebrating the Moors defeat by the Christians in the 13th century throughout the country. Big parades made up of people dressed up as soldiers and re-enactments of the battle mark this festival, which dates all the way back to the 16th Century. If you are looking for the biggest and the best of these parades however, be sure to head to Alicante, Alcoy or Villajoyosa.


Night of San Juan

The Valencian region is known for this festival that takes places between June the 20th and 24th. Quite the opposite of the aforementioned festival, this is a pagan festival in celebration of the Summer Equinox. And it includes more glorious bonfires and lighting of figures (papier-mâché this time) — something the Spanish seem to be quite fond of. Bonfires are permitted (for this festival only) on the beach where people tend to drink and BBQ to their hearts content. This is then followed by a ritual of jumping over fires and waves as wishes are made. Its sole purpose seems to be for people to have a good time.


Wine Festival

If you want more information all about Spain, then you need to know this: they enjoy a good food or wine fight. And this celebration is definitely one for the wine lovers! It takes place throughout Spain in June (this year it will be the 28th–30th) to celebrate the wine harvest. But for the best experience, head to La Rioja in Haro, where the central part of the festival is La Batalla de Vino or the Wine Fight. The night of the 28th is all about the party, but the next day, a ‘wine fight’ ensues on a nearby mountain where people pour, squirt, spray wine on each other in any way they can. The fight moves into the town where the festivities continue.



La Tomatina

For those who already know all about Spain, this is a festival that will have found its way on their radars. One of the most famous spanish festivals is La Tomatina which takes places on the last Wednesday of August (the festival runs from the 29th to the 31st this year) in Buñol in the Valencian province. Here, participants fling overripe tomatoes at each other for hours of good, but messy, fun.


Fiestas de la Mare de Deu de la Salut

An incredibly fascinating festival, and one that has been given the sought after status of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage designation is the Fiestas de la Mare de Deu de la Salut in Algemesí (in the Valencian province) on September 7th and 8th of this year. This festival started in the Middle Ages and centres on music, dance and theatrical productions and, of course, a mega parade.

If you are really looking to find out all about Spain, then the best way to do so, and experience these magical festivals, is to go to Spain yourself to immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle. With most of the abovementioned festivals in the provinces of Alicante and Valencia, it might be an idea to check our properties for sale in Costa Blanca to make the most of the festivals and the incredible Spanish lifestyle. Contact us for more information.

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