Which Long Term Investment Options Best Suits You?

2 May 2017
To create wealth, you need to make your money work by committing to various investment vehicles.

Your personal life, available capital, long-term goals and risk appetite will affect how and where you choose to invest your money. You can take our quiz to find out which long-term investment options are best suited for your lifestyle and financial stability:


  1. How much capital do you have to invest?


A. Between £ 5000 - £ 20 000

B. Between £ 20 000 - £ 50 000

C. Between £50 000 - £ 100 000


      2.  You’ve just won a £ 100 at the Casino. Do you:


A. Risk gambling the £100 to make a greater profit

B. Gamble £50 to make sure you don’t lose any money

C. Return home with the full amount to be safe


      3. How much flexibility do you need with your long-term investment options?


A. I need to be able to withdraw my money at any time

             B. I need access to my money after giving fair notice

C. I don’t need access to my long-term investments


      4. The day before payday do you:


A. Hope I don’t have emergency expenses

             B. Have enough money to get by for a few more days

C. Usually have much more money left than I budgeted for


5. Which best describes your family status:


             A. Single

B. In a partnership without children

C. In a partnership with children



6. What are you most likely to use your long-term investment option for?


A. An overseas trip

B.  Your child’s tertiary education

C. Retirement


7. How old are you?


  1. 20 - 35 years

  2. 35 - 50 years

  3. 50 years +


8. How many years are you willing to invest for?


  1. 5 - 10 years

  2. 10 - 20 years

  3. 20 years +


9. What is your current investment status?


  1. I don’t have any long-term investments options

  2. I have some small long-term investment options

  3. I have secure long-term investment options


10.  How important is it for you to have ethical investments?


  1. I couldn’t be bothered

  2. Mildly important

  3. Very important


Mainly As:

If you answered mostly A’s then stocks or forex trading is the best suited towards your investment needs. These types of long-term investment options suit young individuals who might not yet have enough capital to purchase real estate or those who already have secured their long-term investments and enjoy the thrill of playing the stock market.


Mainly Bs:

If you answered mainly B’s then you should make a moderately safe investment in bonds or collectables. These types of investments are ideal for those who are thinking about having a family, or have young children and need to start growing their nest egg. Bonds and collectables appreciate in value and don’t always have immediate high returns, however when it comes to building your financial portfolio they make a strong foundation that you can diversify once you have greater capital.


Mainly Cs:

If you answered mostly Cs, then you’re potentially interested in investing a large sum of capital in a low-risk long-term investment that continues to grow throughout your life. Investing in real estate will best fulfil your financial needs, especially if you want to leave your family a lasting legacy, cash in on a buy-to-let property or start planning your retirement income.

There’s a lot more to wealth creation than simply stashing your pounds into a simple savings account. Now that you know which investment options suit you best, you will need to understand the risks, learn how to build resilience and define your overall investment strategy. If buying real estate is on your investment agenda, then be sure to view our holiday villas in Calpe - they offer lifelong financial advantages for the long-term investor.


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