The best locations for owning property in Spain

1 Dec 2016
The decision to buy property in Spain is technically the easy part. The hard part, in reality, is deciding on the best possible location in Spain for that property.

The decision to buy properties in Spain is technically the easy part. The hard part, in reality, is deciding on the best possible location in Spain for that property. And with the varied landscapes and the diversity that each wonderful region provides, it makes the choice even harder. Do you go for the eclectic city centres or a small piece of paradise on the coast? The options are almost endless, and it can be hard to narrow down which areas are best! The thing is – you have the city in the UK, why not buy your perfect property alongside a gorgeous stretch of Spanish coast? To help you out, we have picked our top five locations for owning property in Spain:


1. Costa Brava


The Costa Brava is hands down one of the most beautiful places for owning property in Spain. The wild, dramatic coastline populated with pine forests and bordered by the warm cerulean Mediterranean waters served as Surrealist Salvador Dali’s inspiration for decades and is sure to take your breath away. But, it’s not just the gorgeous scenery that brings people to the Costa Brava, but its exceptional location. A stone’s throw from France, the region allows those who visit here the chance to live in Spain and easily explore France if the urge sets in. It’s also in the north of the country, making it close to the UK and easy to get to. But the popularity it gleans thanks to its location and beauty, it does mean that the prices tend to be higher than in other areas.


2. Costa Dorada


The Costa Dorada – also known as the Golden Coast – is a gorgeous stretch of charming coastal towns and wonderful beaches. It’s the ideal place for owning property in Spain for those who would love to be on the coast but would also like to be close to a major city,  in this case, Barcelona. Here visitors can enjoy the ample natural attractions such as the Ebro River Delta, perfect for bird watching in the winter, as well as the charming coastal towns. Another great perk of the area is that it enjoys relatively mild, short winters and it’s not only warmer than some other places on the coast, but with affordable property prices, it’s still an area where you can get good value for money.


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3. Orange Blossom Coast


The Costa de Azahar (or the Orange Blossom Coast), further south, is known for it’s phenomenal stretches of beaches, mountainous backdrops, olive groves and, given the name this should be no surprise, orange and lemon orchards. One of the main reasons this is a great spot for owning property in Spain is because it’s still relatively unknown to tourists and foreign buyers, which contributes to the unspoilt nature of the beautiful region. This also means that property bought here can still be relatively well-priced.


4. Costa del Sol


If you have entertained the thought of owning property in Spain, then the Costa del Sol – the “Sun Coast” – would have popped up on your radar. Extremely popular with foreign investors and tourists alike, this stretch of coast is possibly more international than other places in Spain that are less tourist-centric. While some of the high-rise buildings can be a bit of an eye-sore, the great thing about this area and its international inclination is the bilingual staff in all sectors, its excellent infrastructure, world class medical facilities, and international schools – all highly beneficial for expats. Apart from great beaches, the area is known for the array of charming towns, it’s great golf courses, and its superb seafood dishes.


5. Costa Blanca


The magnificent ‘White Coast’ that spans the distance between Alicante and Valencia is breathtaking, and another popular spot for expats. Here, you have everything you could want and need; from international airports, big cities, and hospitals, to museums, concert halls and churches all in proximity to the coast. But the good news doesn’t stop there – the temperatures in this part of the world are wonderfully mild with a low of 8°C in winters and highs reaching the thirties in summer, with over 300 days of sunshine a year. Sound appealing as you sit in the dreary UK? The charming coastal town of Calpe is a retiree's dream – it’s small and offers all the perks of seaside living, but has the bigger cities a short drive away. It’s a cyclist Mecca and has wonderful outdoor activities and golf courses on offer. What’s more, is that it is known for its first world infrastructure – especially ideal when it comes to medical facilities – and the fact that it’s very accessible from the UK. Your grandchildren and family are sure to want to visit you often, and it’s a breeze travelling back to the UK. Imagine, your little piece of paradise in retirement could be just a stone’s throw away from England.



If you would like more information on buying properties in Calpe and moving to Spain, you can contact us directly.

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