Where to do your daily shopping in Calpe?

16 Jul 2015
Nineteenth century Parisian artists and writers were among the first to celebrate the flaneur, a person of leisure who strolled the streets, observing and admiring the world before them.

Although the object of this city stroll need serve no purpose at all, an afternoon saunter could become all the more pleasurable when punctuated by a leisurely pause – perhaps to sip un café, or to consume the contents of a carafe, or to pick up a brown bag of purple figs from the greengrocer.

A flaneur’s map should offer charm and delight. Shopping in Calpe delivers both in abundance, so instead of being a chore, doing the daily grocery shopping in Calpe is a pleasure. Between picking up bread from the bakery, meat from the butcher, flowers from the florist, one can explore the colourful village of the old town, where narrow tree-lined streets shade characters in cafés basking in the seaside air.

Calpe Street

As a delightful alternative to mall shopping, shopping in Calpe offers:


  • Quality produce

Buying from local whole food establishments offers superior quality goods

  • Health benefits

Street shopping is an easy way to keep active in the sunshine

  • Charm

Because there’s nothing quite like buying bread from the baker who bakes it

  • Value for money

As they have less distribution channels to travel through, goods bought at local markets are often better value for money. Furthermore save on parking charges; in Calpe everything is accessible on foot

  • Social perks

While exploring the streets you’re likely to stumble upon new friends who might share local knowledge or offer a fantastic restaurant review


The finest shopping in Calpe

To purchase everyday goods take a walk down Gabriel Miró Street. Get everything from clothes, candles, shoes and cigarettes to newspapers, books and Belgium chocolate.


Top spot for…

  • Fish: In the port of Calpe get fish caught fresh from the sea at the morning auction.

Sea products


  • Green groceries: Aside from the number of excellent supermarkets, the Saturday market in Calpe is the ideal place to purchase all your fresh fruit and vegetables.

  • Meat: Located on Gabriel Miro Street, Solymar Supermarket is a fine purveyor of quality meat and fish.

  • Spanish products: The most well-known supermarket in Spain, Mercadona, stocks fine Spanish products.


For those times you want to savour the atmosphere, indulge in

  • Coffee and ice-cream at Kiwi – This unpretentious town favourite café slash ice-cream parlour serves up cakes, crepes, baguettes, and patisserie delicacies care of their expert pastry chef.

  • Gourmet fare at Audrey’s – Be taken to the heights of culinary pleasure at Audrey’s, another luxurious component of the Diamante Beach Hotel.  Master of Valencian cuisine, Rafa Soler gives punch to Mediterranean gastronomy with his signature flair and attention-to-detail. Having honed his skills under the watchful eye of gourmet godfathers in Barcelona’s Drolma and Jöel Robuchon’s L’Atelier in Paris, Soler brings excellence, exuberance and layers of flavour to Audrey’s haute cuisine.

Audrey's restaurant in Calpe


  • Sensational paella and local cuisine Established in 1941 at the port of Calpe, Bavdal specialises in paella, seafood and superb local flavours.

  • World class curry and comforting pub-grub – Beyond local charm, Calpe contains a cosmopolitan mix of offerings including mouth-watering Indian cuisine at Punjabi Curry as well as pub grub and cold beers from Delphin Pub and El Toro Blanco.


Fancy a night market?

For a more festive shopping experience, Calpe boasts two night markets at Infanta Elena and Infanta Cristina selling handmade leather, jewellery and other locally-crafted goods.


Shopping in Calpe is an element of the leisurely lifestyle

Catering to all your heart and stomach might desire, Calpe is a dream destination for those looking to settle down to a more laid-back way of life. Should you be interested in property in Calpe, contact Grupo Esmeralda, custodians of the largest portfolio in the region and local experts in everything from property in Calpe to fine-quality cuisine.

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