Wealth management the Top Gear way

9 Jul 2015
Top Gear redefined the possibilities of a niche television series. With its humour, quirky characters, high-rolling sense of adventure, and constant element of surprise the (until recently) long-running show has been enthralling millions around the world, from avid car lovers to people with no interest in cars at all.

Some of its more memorable antics include that time Jeremy Clarkson and James May travelled from Canada to the north magnetic pole in a polar-modified Toyota Hilux while Richard Hammond rode adjacent, on a dog sled! In the same way that our petrol-head heroes shift the boundaries from the norm and don’t shy from controversy, adventurous investors are constantly looking for unexpected and exciting wealth management ways to get a return on investment.


High-rolling investment options

For investors with enough of a safety net for high-risk, high reward possibilities, there are a number of exciting wealth management options. According to Las Vegas based financial advisor Yale Bock, these sort of investments “can result in some potentially lucrative results but aren’t necessarily a sure thing. If you’re looking to rock your wealth management portfolio consider these high-rolling investments:


  • Classic cars. This passion investment can produce huge returns. Data gathered at the Historic Automobile Group International, document the appreciation of ‘rare historic’ cars at almost 16% in 2014. The growth is related to supply and demand as the number of classic car investors has risen while the number of collectible cars remains.

  • Contemporary art. Returns are potentially incredible. Between 2012 and 2013 sales rose by 33%. Over the last decade the market has seen an over 1000% increase. However a huge amount of wealth is necessary to buy established works. You could reap the rewards of speculating on less-established artists but could potentially lose out financially. Investing in art requires an abundance of research and consulting. On the plus side if you hang up an artwork that you love, you never really lose out.

  • Investing in shares like Alibaba (BABA). China’s largest online commerce company made history last year with their $25-billion initial public offering, the greatest on record. Alibaba is said to be the next Amazon but without all the inventory.  There could be returns in excess of 30% over the next 12-24 months but as is always case on the stock market, nothing’s a sure bet.


How the Top Gear team manage their wealth

Clarkson, Hammond and May are no strangers to high-rolling, risk and adventure in their personal wealth management. Clarkson who is reportedly worth £30-million owns a sprawling mansion in Oxfordshire, a holiday house in the Isle of Man worth around 1.5-million pounds, a bachelor pad in Fitzrovia and at least nine luxury cars. Hammond owns ‘Hamelot’, a 20 acre property in Hertfordshire worth at least 2.5-million, as well as the house next door which he apparently bought after complaints from the neighbours over his noisy helicopter commutes to and from work. Hammond owns 10 classic cars (on last count) and 28 motorbikes plus a bright pink VW campervan, and helicopter. May, worth £10-million, lives in West London, gets around on a folding bike, five cars, six motorbikes and a plane.


Wealth management for investors looking for all the returns without all the risk

Investing in property in a beautiful part of the world is an ideal way to diversify your investment portfolio and by investing in an area with high real estate values, primed for great tenancy occupancy rates, you can be sure you’re in for a promising return.  If you’re looking for Esmeralda apartments Calpe, for a holiday home, a buy-to-let property or a mixture of both, you’d be looking at sound investment with enough of an adventurous flair to ensure that Clarkson would plot your purchase on the cool quatrain of Top Gear’s ‘cool wall’ i.e. Kristen Scott Thomas would definitely be impressed.  For more information about Esmeralda apartments Calpe, contact Grupo Esmeralda, specialists in the field.

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