Tick these destinations off your retirement bucket list

4 Jan 2016
The more you think about your retirement bucket list, the more you’re likely to find personal reasons why certain destinations make the cut.

Sometimes a place simply calls out to you, but in many instances there are underlying reasons why we embark on certain destinations. You might have an ancestral yearning to discover your family roots in Lithuania, or to venture through a mystical mountain range you read about in a storybook when you were just a lad. Not long ago, in an article in the Wall Street Journal, Robin Esrock, author of “The Great Global Bucket List” shares some bucket list dream destinations care of authors, actors, and designers from around the world. We share a few which are worth adding to (and ticking off) a retirement bucket list of your own.



According to cookbook author, Ruth Reichl, the food in the country is just part of the reason Shanghai is on her bucket list. She goes onto say that “the real attraction of Shanghai is that my Berlin grandmother, who missed the last boat to America in the 1940s, ended up spending the war there. I have a great desire to walk through the streets of the city that saved her life.”

 Tick these destinations off your retirement bucket list


It was reading Kipling as a child that inspired author Anne Rice to jot India down on her bucket list. She says, “I want to walk through the streets, get a feel for the culture.”

 Tick these destinations off your retirement bucket list


Simon Doonan, writer and fashion commentator, says that “all the most brilliant creative people have Hungarian blood”, which is why Hungary tops his list. “There must be something in the water,” he says, “Maybe I will go there and drink lots of water.”

  Tick these destinations off your retirement bucket list


Actor Edward Norton saw a photography book that made Iceland look “mystical”, which inspired him to want to go to Iceland, adding that the bonus is “the fact that with a small plane or a motorcycle it’s a place I could see a lot of in one concentrated trip.”

  Tick these destinations off your retirement bucket list


The Spanish riding school of Vienna calls out to interior designer Christian Liaigre. The school has been the finest for the last two centuries. She says, “Its Lipizzaner stallions are a unique breed that go through the most elaborate training. I love horses and have never had the time to go to Vienna. It’s like a good cigar that I’m keeping till last.”

 Tick these destinations off your retirement bucket list


Celebrities from Ernest Hemingway to James Franco have ticked running with the bulls in Pamplona off their bucket lists. Travellers the world over are well aware of the cultural, culinary and historical delights of Spain. Be it the balmy evenings spent celebrating life with wine and tapas in tow, the fascinating architectural history or the white shores of the Costas, Spain offers a wealth of life-affirming experiences worth adding to your retirement bucket list.

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Tick these destinations off your retirement bucket list
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