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Real Estate

Our extensive experience in Calpe makes us one of the most prestigious estate agents on the Costa Blanca. We aim to give you the best possible service, offering quality properties by listening to you and what you’re looking for. This bespoke service has the added advantages that come from belonging to one of the biggest hotel and rental groups. We have a wide variety of strategically located properties to cover all kinds of people’s needs. For all of these reasons and because we intend to offer you the very best, we proudly present you our wide range of apartments and terraced chalets for sale.

Bespoke service

At Grupo Esmeralda we have professionals that have been working in the sector for over 20 years. We can advise you, guide you and help you find your ideal home, assisting you throughout the purchasing process.

Profitability and touristic rental

We offer the possibility to make a profit out of your investment via our apartment rental company in Calpe, Unitursa. Thanks to our portfolio of clients, contracts with all the major European tour operators and their continual sales work, Calpe receives half a million tourists throughout the year, thereby supporting the profitability of your property investment in your second home.

Big Advantages

Discover a huge range of benefits by making your property investment with the leading company in Calpe and the Costa Blanca. Find out the discounts from the AR Hotels & Resorts chain and make the most of the special offers you’ll get with your Green Card. There are discounts on services related to spas, cafeterias, bars, bookings, event and meeting venues, etc. Take advantage of offers from collaborating companies, too, including the discounts we offer with theme parks, travel agents, sailing and sports services, and many more. The Green Card comes packed with benefits and good times!

Test Drive

The experience that many customers have had when renting out our facilities has been their key factor in deciding to make a property investment. Most are delighted with their visit to Calpe, on seeing its properties, admiring its magnificent views, confirming its great location and benefitting from the advantages given by Grupo Esmeralda. Try out the different possibilities via our apartment rental company, Unitursa, and find the property of your dreams. 

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