Packing advice for family holidays abroad

22 Sep 2015
There are two types of people in the world: people who fold their underwear, and those who don’t. Some people delight in the beauty of an immaculately-packed bag while others delay the duty until the very last minute, so end up tossing in things all wrong (inevitably leaving something behind).

It was one thing when you were 21 - arriving in Bali with no bikini, no sweat, you’d pick up one there - but since having kids packing for family holidays abroad has become a whole new affair. Nobody wants to spend the first few days of their holiday replacing kids’ costumes, bottles, nappies, bibs, and all the other perfectly good items waiting in their cupboards back home. You love your children. You love going on holidays. But when you put the two together sometimes you wonder if the holiday is worth it at all. To help you avoid packing anxiety before family holidays abroad, we’ve put together some tips to ease the load.

First off, get the essentials in the bag

Pack the most annoying (but essential) bits first. Things like:

  1. ​Medicine.
  2. Bottle sterilizers, bottles.
  3. Toiletries. Where possible use travel-sized options to save space. Remember that the cargo section of the plane isn’t always pressurised so avoid sticky exploding bottles by filling them three-quarters full. But just in case, pack toiletries in resealable bags.
  4. Technological devices like mobile and kindle chargers.
  5. Bring along a nifty travel hairdryer.

Packing advice for family holidays abroad

Packing clothes and shoes for you, your kids and sometimes even your partner too

  1. Minimise the risk of lost luggage being a dire affair by spreading your family’s belongings among the bags.
  2. Roll up softer items of clothing like T-shirts and sarongs to avoid creasing.

  3. Think about what time of day you’ll be arriving (for dinner, for the beach, for bed) then put the associated clothes you’ll need at the top of the bag.

  4. Choose colours that complement each other. On a lovely lazy beach holiday nobody wants to spend hours coordinating anybody’s outfits.

  5. Wear the heaviest of your shoes on the plane and pack the others in resealable bags; chances are they’ll be returning covered in beach sand. When selecting your shoes, stick to the three-pair rule: trainers for walking/hiking, smarter shoes for more sophisticated dinner evenings, and sandals for the beach. For the kids, trainers and flip flops should do just fine. Of course some destinations might call for wellies but in destinations like Costa Blanca, a sunny sky is a near year-round phenomenon.  

 Packing advice for family holidays abroad

Packing miscellaneous fun stuff for the kids

Small kids may insist on bringing their own little backpacks as carry-on as you embark on family holidays abroad. If you can’t persuade them out of it, make sure they keep the bag light, chances are you’ll be carrying it too. One toy and one colouring book and a few crayons should do the trick. However your kids are going to need entertaining for the duration of your trip. So it might be worth dedicating a section of your bag to “fun” ammunition. This might include:

  1. A beach bat and ball - if you’re short of space, of course most beach destinations are likely to sell them there.
  2. A disposable camera.

  3. English reading books.

  4. A deflated blow-up plastic ball.

The extent of how many toys and play accessories you need should be determined by where you’re off to. If you’re going on family holidays abroad to a destination boasting loads of natural surroundings to explore, don’t waste the space in your bag with toys. Places like Calpe for example are havens for children and parents alike. There are so many beautiful Esmeralda apartments Calpe has to offer. And beyond the gorgeous beaches to lounge on, and mountain ranges to climb, there are water parks, yacht clubs, tennis facilities, nearby golf courses, spas, fantastic local restaurants, and a charming old town fit for exploring.

If sometimes you think how wonderful it would be not to pack at all, to have your own set of clothing and toiletries in your own little home in a beautiful beach town, get in touch with Grupo Esmeralda. As leaders in the local real estate industry, their portfolio of quality property and holiday homes in Calpe showcases some of the best in the region. Avoid going through the tiresome google search of “Esmeralda apartments Calpe” and contact them here.

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