What’s the secret to estate agent website design?

15 Jun 2015
Good design comes down to the essential marriage of form and function. From architectural, to industrial, to interior design fields, designers embrace the reason and beauty inherent to the philosophy that form follows function. When building a website the same principle applies. And so before tackling your estate agent website design, it’s vital to ask: What should your website do?

Assist potential customers find property

-          The search function should take pride of place. Advanced search options allowing users to search by price, location and property specifications will yield more exacting results, but at all points ensure all options are easy to navigate.


Turn browsers into buyers

-          Make adequate room for call to actions, not only through the prominent display of your contact details but also via a contact form on the landing page to help make conversions.  


Convey an image of professionalism

-          Customers want to know they’re dealing with a company they can trust, particularly when looking to buy real estate. Aside from displaying bold company logos and contact details, consider featuring client testimonials, awards and certifications.


Attract customers

-          When selling property it’s worth making the most of the aesthetics available to you. A large background image of a luxury property will intrigue browsers and instantly communicate the scope of your property portfolio.

-          Ensure that the most important features of your estate agent website design are visible without having to scroll down.

-          Remember that the most effective estate agent website design is often the least cluttered. Clear, bold and functional design will convey a sense of decisiveness, professionalism and classic style.


Keep relevant and up-to-date

-          Fully-integrated estate agent website design solutions are readily available. Cloud-hosted sites offer reliability, security and built-in best practice; however you will be tied into a provider.

-          Make sure you select a website containing a content management system which allows instant editing, publishing and modifying. This is essential in a business where the availability of your property is constantly changing.

-          When budgeting for a new estate agent website design bear in mind that a website refresh cycle has reduced to about twelve months. With this annually renewable cost in mind, avoid overspending on initial implementation.


Attract the right market

-          If you intend to attract a high-end market looking to invest in a second home or property to settle in as they near retirement, this client will probably be in the market for international properties. Perhaps offer an international section catering for these desires.

-          Should you decide to feature property for sale in Calpe, showcase the luxurious possibilities at people’s fingertips by displaying a sizable image of a gorgeous villa nestled on the endless blue of the Costa Blanca.


Provide your market with what they’re looking for

-          If your clientele is largely British you already know the appeal of property for sale in Calpe. Costa Blanca North has become synonymous with European luxury. Ideal location and climate aside, the area boasts superior spas, golf courses and Michelin-starred restaurants. Offering a laidback lifestyle as well as first-class comforts, it’s clear to see why Calpe has become known as the paradise of Costa Blanca.


For further information about property available in Calpe contact local experts Grupo Emeralda.

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