Essentials for estate agent marketing in 2016

24 May 2016
We all know how important a solid real estate marketing strategy is. The reality is that people spend hours (and a considerable sum of money) on making sure they are visible on numerous platforms, having high-quality content on their websites, and creating an astounding and professional website — which is definitely required in this competitive industry. But what they forget is that they themselves are a living, breathing, walking advertisement for their real estate business.

The truth is that in such a competitive market, people need to learn and think of different angles of real estate agent marketing. So, to help you out, here are are a few tips to consider to ensure that you are successfully marketing your business and your services on-the-go inspired by this article:


Keep your mobile devices on you


These days, having your mobile devices — smartphones and tablets in particular —  on you at all times is imperative (as is making sure they are always charged). Everything is on mobile these days, in fact, some people even run their entire businesses on their smartphones and tablets alone. Not sure how this all contributes to estate agent marketing? According to the article, your devices assist your marketing efforts in the following ways: “Calling clients and leads… Showing listings on your real estate website... Taking photos and videos of your listings for your site…[and] Having open house attendees sign in on your tablet.” The article also suggests keeping some form of wireless mobile charger with you so that you can ensure a quick and easy way to charge devices while on the road when the need arises (which it will).


Have an emergency personal hygiene kit in your car


There is nothing worse than meeting with a prospective client and realising that perhaps you are not as fresh as you should be and completely self-conscious that you might have something in your teeth after that rushed lunch in your car. One of the best tips that we can give you when it comes to estate agent marketing is to always keep a little personal hygiene kit handy in your car — you are the poster person for your company after all and, as we said earlier, you have to be a walking advertisement for it. Not sure what to include in this essential little kit? Here are some suggestions: a small deodorant, floss, mints, a toothbrush, toothpaste, facial wipes, mouthwash, hand sanitizer and lotion (both body and face) and cologne or perfume (use this sparingly).


Have a small home cleaning kit handy


Avoid last minute panic stations when you arrive at a house and it’s not only dusty but dirty, with a couple of simple cleaning products handy so you can do a quick spruce to make a property look as good as new (or as close as possible). At the end of the day when it comes to estate agent marketing, you want to make sure you are ready on every level, giving yourself the best chance of making a sale.


Make sure you keep your car clean


Sometimes you are in a position when you have to take eager clients from listing to listing. One surefire way to put them off and pour all your estate agent marketing efforts down the drain is to leave old food, food containers, crumbs and potentially bad smells lingering in your car. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to keep your car spotless because of busy schedules and the fact that real estate agents often spend a lot of time in their car. So, have a couple of things available to allow for a quick car clean up. The article recommends air freshener, a handheld vacuum cleaner and paper towels. The article also states that “a thorough clean once per week can keep your car looking like new.”


Make sure you always have some essential extras


Unfortunately, on busy days time can really run away from you. You don’t want to be in a situation where you thought you would be able to go home and get a change of clothes in a lunch break, and suddenly you have 10 minutes till your next viewing. Keep a change of clothes in your car, comfortable shoes (mainly for women) to wear in between viewings and a healthy snack (for those moments when getting something to eat is impossible).

Know the surrounding areas of a listing


A really phenomenal thing to do when it comes to estate agent marketing is to really know the surrounding areas of a property. That way, you not only sell the property and the lifestyle it affords, but the area — often an incredibly important factor for prospective clients. The article states: “One of the best ways to prove you know a lot about your local real estate market is to collect information about the most popular businesses in the area — restaurants, movie theaters, retail stores, and mom-and-pop shops — and have them ready to share with leads.”


Create comprehensive packs of information for clients


Clients will probably want any and all information when it comes to buying a property, it is after all probably one of the biggest decisions they will ever make. In terms of estate agent marketing, a phenomenal touch would be to create packages of information for them. Print is quickly starting to go out of fashion — more and more people are thinking ‘green’ — so create emailable versions. The article suggests including in this pack “... sales prices, dimensions, core features, and new additions and upgrades — anything of interest that could influence their decision-making. Don’t forget to include plenty of appealing real estate photography...”

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